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Discovering New Ways

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At Chairmans Foods, we believe in providing our clients with a unique process to deliver customized foods that are full of flavor and made from the highest quality ingredients. We take on a strategic approach to our research and development process to help you obtain a format that works for you and your business.

Custom Formulation


In food processing, there are many different ways to achieve a desired product, and with custom formulation, you have more control over the final outcome. If you are searching to develop a recipe from scratch, our team of experts will work with you to analyze and produce a unique blend of ingredients and packaging to meet your needs. Our food scientists and chefs help refine and standardize recipes based on the customer’s expectations. Various specialists within the research and development team are here to help the process run smoothly, such as:

  • Regulatory

    Help develop and maintain label claims, nutritional guidelines, and HACCP requirements.

  • Technical

    Assist with custom formulations, procedures, and project guidelines.

  • Culinary

    The ability to create new formulas and modify current products to fit within process capabilities.

  • Procurement

    Sourcing new raw materials that fit within the scope of the project.

The research and development department also has access to the same machinery and processes as our production team, which allows for a streamlined scale-up processing of the recipe. This ensures consistency which creates an easier transition from start to finish.

Profile Matches

Combining and balancing flavors is a complex process but critical for producing the right product for our customer. Developing an advanced flavor profile is invaluable to the final product. With profile matching, you can utilize the success of popular flavors by coupling them with your own unique blend of ingredients. Our culinary experts can provide valuable insights and industry-leading techniques to create the desired results.

We work hard to produce a quick turnaround in product revisions to ensure all research and development projects are completed within the timeline the customer has set forth and meets all of the criteria.

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