Chairmans Foods

We are an all-inclusive, custom food processor in Nashville, TN.
Serving up value in every bite.


Packaging Solutions

We understand the importance of keeping product costs low and minimizing waste. That is why we offer a flexible range of packaging solutions that ensures the best possible performance from the product and delivers maximum convenience to the end-user.

Flexible Pouches – Cryovac Flex Vert

  • Boil-in-Bag
  • Volume fill range:  10oz – 144oz
  • Hot fill
  • 2-part fill
  • Cooking information/heat
  • Efficient storage

Polypropylene Tubs

  • Hot fill
  • Airtight lid film
  • Volume fill range:  14oz – 32oz
  • Hi plas tubs
  • Safety seal
  • Reusable/recyclable

Cook-in Tray

  • Simple Steps logo (steam in pk)
  • Simple Steps information
  • Dual ovenable
  • Lid film
  • Multiple sizes

Retail Packaging

  • High-quality print materials
  • Tray sleeves
  • Tray cartons/folding boxes
  • Soup cartons
    • Single pack
    • Twin packs
  • Pressure applied labels

Tiromat Pouches

  • 4x4 and 12x12
  • Volume fill range:  2oz – 48oz
  • Vacuum tight
  • Gas flush/pillow pack
  • Cook-in technology
  • Boil-in-Bag and microwavable